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We're XiiTec [see tek]. We believe in making technology work for you - making you stronger, more effective and more efficient.

For more than half a decade, we've supported a variety of businesses in Greater Vancouver and throughout Canada. We pride ourseleves on providing the highest level of service at the most competetive rates.

We have technicians who specialize in all the major server and workstation operating systems, including Linux, OS X, and all versions of Windows. Our senior linux consultants are capable of managing infrastructures with multiple locations offering live redundancy across continents. We've helped deploy and administrate all sorts of projects, including gaming servers, e-commerce platforms, and large office and institution networks.

Our mission is to be the leading technology management services company in Canada. From solid foundations in our knowledge, service levels and expertise in technology we strengthen ourselves and our partners.

Mission statement

Functionality | XiitecOur goal is to bring working functionality to your environment, so we specialize in providing 24x7 -365 days a year support for all the functionality we deliver or maintain for you. We consider our support a feature of what we really aim to provide: the ability to work with the technology you rely on in the easiest most convenient way possible.

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